4Fleets locates vehicles in real time, keeps track of the journeys made and reports the input / output from the configured targets in real-time.

KM monitoring, engine hours and fuel consumption

4Fleets automatically detects mileage, monthly fuel consumption, levels of fuel and AdBlue in real time, and also certain engine usage data useful for the maintenance planning.

Monitoring of faults and failures

4Fleets detects in real time anomaly alerts coming from the vehicle and is able to immediately notify them via email and / or SMS to those who are involved in the vehicles maintenance.

Alerts are processed and filtered by the system, in order to report only those who are effectively “serious” and discard the “fake” or those due to other ongoing maintenance works.

Maintenance management

4Fleets can be interfaced with GesFlo software:

GesFlo is a software developed for the maintenance management which allows you to manage the planned maintenance and the administrative scheduling, maintenance contracts and the accounting of total operating costs of the fleet.

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On-board system
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4Fleets is based on the use of an integrated on-board unit, cheap and easy to install.
The unit is equipped with internal GPRS and GPS antennas and normally does not require the installation of external antennas.
The Basic version requires only the connection to the battery (+ 12V / + 24V) and the ignition key signal.
The FMS version allows the acquisition of vehicle technical data through the connection to the fms-standard connector.

The fms-standard protocol is promoted and managed by © Working Group HDEI / BCEI of ACEA to which all the major Europeans manufacturers of trucks and buses take part.
General information about the FMS protocol are available at

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4Fleets is immediately applicable on the vehicle fleet.