The magazine talks about 4Fleets©.

Digigroup Informatica presents 4Fleets, an innovative web platform that optimize fleet maintenance process using the industry-standard TiGR (Telematics for intelligent Garage in Real Time) communication protocol recently introduced in the European bus marketplace.


The rate of on-board crowding, a new indicator at the service of the quality of public transport.

The organization of a transport network is a complex exercise, which constantly mobilizes a multitude of constantly evolving parameters, with a precise and important mission: to allow passengers to travel quickly, comfortably and efficiently, with the best possible quality of service.

Precisely to achieve these goals, after the pandemic, the overcrowding of vehicles has become one of the main concerns of transport companies. In fact, several surveys have shown that our sensitivity to public transport crowding has increased and we tolerate lower load rates than before.

In response to this, we have observed that more and more networks are reviewing their carrying capacities, in order to make them more realistic and more in line with the traveler's experience.

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A system at the service of both passengers and transport operators

In order to improve the passenger experience, we have implemented, together with Keolis Lyon and other partners, a new system focused precisely on the passenger experience, able to respond to the problem of overcrowding.
Through the TCL Live application, already available in the iOs and Android stores, passengers are able to know in real time the rate of crowding of buses on the line, so they can decide whether to wait for a less crowded bus and travel more comfortably and safely.

The TCL_LIVE application is powered by 4Fleets software that processes data from passenger counting sensors on doors and/or transported load sensors in real time.

The 4Fleets software imports on-board sensor data via a public, industry-standard protocol, independent of any on-board equipment supplier. The service manager can therefore follow the technological evolution and choose from time to time the most convenient sensors without technical-commercial constraints.

All the crowding indicators on board offered by the 4Fleets software are calculated by line, per day and per ride thus allowing a detailed monitoring of the quality of the service.

The knowledge of crowding rates will benefit not only passengers, but also public transport operators who can thus optimize the capacity of vehicles on the line, reduce the ecological impact, consumption, and operating cost.

For more information about the TCL Live application and the 4Fleets software, please contact us.


The french operator KEOLIS SA rewards the software 4Fleets for the remote maintenance of the buses.

The software 4Fleets has received the innovation award in the field of maintenance from the Lyonnais branch of Keolis S.A. Group during the "Matinée fournisseurs" event held on November 23rd in Lyon.

Keolis SA is one of the leading European public transport operators.

Digigroup Informatica has been collaborating with the Lyon branch of Keolis since 2008.

In 2021, Keolis Lyon decided to adopt the new interoperable 4Fleets platform by Digigroup Informatica for the monitoring and tele-maintenance of the Lyon urban surface fleet 4Fleets.

4Fleets is the first and most tested solution able to implement the industry standard TiGR protocol (, and to respond to the need of operators to have a centralized monitoring platform, applicable to vehicles of any manufacturer or traction technology.


The Lyon fleet monitored by the 4Fleets platform currently includes 750 city buses distributed in 9 transport units.

The development plan of this project now provides for the connection to 4Fleets of the new vehicles of the energy transition (bioGas, elettric and trolleybuses).

Digigroup Informatica's collaboration with Keolis Lyon includes other innovative topics such as ecodriving and real-time monitoring of crowding on board.