The new web platform for bus fleets maintenance digitalization

Your multi-brand fleet of diesel, hybrid, CNG, electric or hydrogen vehicles on a single, centralized platform.

Use data from the manufacturer's original telematics solutions, where available. Avoid installing unnecessary after-market telematics systems.

Improve profitability and reduce the environmental impact of your business with 4Fleets IoT technologies.

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- Prevent the most common causes of service interruption -

- Avoid unnecessary downtime -

- Extend the life cycle of your vehicles -

- Increase your maintenance workshop productivity -

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Logo Keolis Nicolas Roldan, Head of Data, Innovations, Bus Electrical Systems said:

"4Fleets has enabled Keolis Lyon to prevent several instances of service interruptions (e.g., due to engine overheating), to improve the efficiency of nightly routine maintenance and condition-based preventive maintenance planning. Ultimately, this translates into improved safety and quality of service, increased vehicle availability, and reduced costs and emissions"


Telediagnostica autobus

All faults that occur on the vehicle are recorded and processed in real time.

Each fault is shown with the same pictogram that appears on the vehicle dashboard and with a detailed description of the fault context including the vehicle control unit diagnostic codes (DTC).

Fault codes are standardized: same mnemonic codes for the same fault on the whole fleet, regardless of the brand of the vehicle!

Real-time fleet overview

With 4Fleets, each transport unit manager can easily check in real time his vehicles position and active anomalies with their priority level.

Control room

Real-time alerts

Receive a warning message whenever there is a risk of service disruption, damage to key vehicle components or safety issues.

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Predictive maintenance

4Fleets© uses algorithms developed on over 10 years of experience to extract relevant information for the different phases of maintenance from the large amount of available data.

With our predictive maintenance algorithms, you can avoid the most common risks for service disruption such as for engine overheating or leaks in the air service system.

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You can also find out the residual mileage of brake pads according to the operating conditions. You will be able to plan for schedule vehicle maintenance at the right time, avoiding productivity losses, and negative impact on the environment.

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Automated work orders

Avoid wasting time in routine searches for data on the portal.
Receive work orders for ordinary and on-condition maintenance by email, tailored to your organization's needs.
Increase the efficiency and productivity of the maintenance workshop.

Manutenzione ordinaria digitalizzata
Manutenzione ordinaria digitalizzata

Scheduled maintenance

With 4Fleets© MAINT you can accurately and efficiently manage even the most complex scheduled maintenance plans, according to the needs of the different vehicle components (engine, transmission, doors, air conditioning, etc.) avoiding waste of materials, additional costs and productivity losses.

Digitalizzazione manutenzione

The integration of telediagnostics with maintenance scheduling optimizes maintenance interventions, vehicle downtime, costs and impact on the environment.


Get regular reports on fleet productivity, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The web portal allows an easy and intuitive top-down search for data extraction, starting from the fleet as a whole down to the single vehicle, comparing the data of the service carried out over several years and months, returning easy-to-understand graphs.

With the Drive Style option, you can also receive advanced reports on driving style including acceleration, engine idle time, engine overrevs, speed limits, etc.


On-board passenger crowding

Assets investment, operating costs and environmental impact are reduced.

4Fleets© PASS's algorithms calculate the level of crowding in real time in operating vehicles based on data from various sensors, including passenger counts or gross vehicle weight.

The calculated data can be sent in real time, through our API, to the passenger information solutions already in use. The level of information provided to public transport users is increased.

Periodic reports on the transported load also allow you to optimize the capacity of the vehicles engaged and the frequency of runs.


4Fleets© PASS is a service independent of on-board device suppliers, designed to allow our customers to choose from time to time the market products that best suit their needs, following the rapid evolution of technology, without being tied to a specific brand in the long term.

4Fleets© is now powering Lyon’s APP Logo TCL "taux de confort" experimental project.


If your bus is already equipped with the manufacturer's original telematics system (recommend solution) all you have to do is ask the manufacturer to activate its connection to 4Fleets platform using industry standard TiGR protocol published by ITxPT international association.

Once connected, your bus data will be immediately visible on 4Fleets platform, regardless of the vehicle brand!

For an optimal use of the platform, make sure that the manufacturer's TiGR protocol is certified and that all the data necessary for the operation and maintenance of your fleet is implemented in the protocol, including DTCs (diagnostic fault codes) of vehicle's electronic control units, or in the case of EVs the health of the traction batteries and energy flow indicators.

If you are going to buy new vehicles, be sure to require the implementation of the latest version of TiGR protocol. But be careful!! ITxPT specifications of the protocol are not exhaustive, they must be complemented with a detailed definition of the "recommended" data you need to receive.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free assistance in defining the correct TiGR implementation requirements for your application.

If not all your vehicles can communicate with the TiGR protocol, don't worry! All vehicles equipped with a standard FMS port can be easily connected to our platform with our on-board unit 4Fleets_OBU option.

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