Your fleet at your fingertips!

4Fleets is one of the most innovative fleet management platforms on the market and does not require the installation of any additional on-board hardware.

Thanks to advanced interoperability, you can centralize vehicle data seamlessly, even if your fleet consists of vehicles from different brands. 4Fleets receives data directly from manufacturers' IT systems via standard APIs, ensuring high data quality, this guarantees reliable and comprehensive information for optimal fleet management.

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Easy to install and intuitive for users.
Our software quickly integrates into the business process.


Less than 30 seconds between vehicle and platform, 99% uptime. With real-time information, you effectively reduce service interruptions and are prepared with a backup plan.


Thanks to 4Fleets, you can improve maintenance processes, optimize productivity, and monitor key aspects of your fleet, achieving an immediate return on investment with a small monthly fee.

Over 1000 buses connected in Real time!

2021 Award from French operator Keolis Lyon for innovation in maintenance.

4Fleets has enabled the operator Keolis Lyon to prevent several service interruptions (e.g., due to engine overheating), improve the efficiency of routine night-time maintenance and condition-based preventive maintenance planning. Ultimately, this results in increased service safety and quality, greater vehicle availability, and reduced costs and emissions. Ultimately, this translates to increased service safety and quality, greater vehicle availability, and cost and emissions reductions.



Elevate your maintenance standard! Discover how our solution integrates fault diagnosis, real-time fleet monitoring, and automated work order planning for more efficient and preventive maintenance.

Fault Diagnosis:

We use the same dashboard symbols, along with detailed descriptions and standardized diagnostic codes, valid for any connected vehicle, making fault resolution more efficient. Each fault is detected, validated, and reported instantly during operation. Thanks to real-time analysis and predictive maintenance algorithms, you avoid the risk of sudden vehicle breakdowns due to engine overheating or compressed air leaks.

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring and Notifications:

We monitor the position of vehicles in real-time. Any vehicle faults are reported with a clear priority system. In addition, you will be promptly alerted via instant notifications in case of risk of service disruption, damage to major vehicle components, or safety issues for passengers. This allows you to act promptly to ensure service continuity and avoid additional costs.

Automated Maintenance Schedule and Work Orders:

We generate work orders for regular and condition-based maintenance, sending them directly via email or API to your maintenance management system (CCMS). You can easily create precise and efficient maintenance plans, customized for Hours, Time, or Km, improving workshop efficiency. Thanks to historical data and vehicle operational condition analysis performed by 4Fleets, we suggest scheduling brake pad replacements based on estimated remaining mileage. Thanks to historical data and vehicle operational condition analysis performed by 4Fleets, we suggest scheduling brake pad replacements based on estimated remaining mileage. This not only enhances maintenance process digitization but with telediagnosis and planning integration, maintenance interventions, vehicle downtime, and business impact on the environment are optimized.



Keep pace with your fleet!

Turn your fleet data into powerful decision-making tools: with our regular reports, get a comprehensive overview of productivity, energy consumption of electric vehicles, fuel consumption of thermal motor vehicles, and CO2 emissions.

Indicators and charts ready to enhance your business presentations directly from our web portal.

Via the Drive Style option, you can access reports on your drivers’ driving style, including behaviours such as abrupt maneuvers, engine idling time, engine over-revving, and exceeding speed limits. .

Optimize the performance of your fleet and promote safer and more efficient driving.


Electric Mobility

Master electric mobility with our monitoring tools!

Electric vehicles offer undeniable environmental and economic benefits, but constant and effective monitoring is the key to maximize their potential.

Thanks to our advanced tools, you can monitor the batteries state of charge in real time, optimize the vehicles range by adapting shifts according to seasonal autonomy and real operating conditions.

Monitor and optimize energy consumption, keeping vehicles at maximum efficiency and ensuring passenger thermal comfort with a controlled use of air conditioning systems.

With our solution, you're ready to drive your company towards a sustainable and efficient future!



All you have to do is ask the manufacturer to activate TiGR connectivity

Here's one of our strengths, our system does not require our control unit to be installed on the vehicle, but prefers connectivity through the manufacturer's original telematics system!

TiGR is a digital service adopted by several bus manufacturers, including IVECO, Daimler Bus, HESS, and MAN. It is an industrial standard published by the international association ITxPT.

Once connected with 4Fleets, your bus data will be immediately visible on the platform, uniformly and independently, regardless of the vehicle brand!

In order to provide the best possibleservice and the best data quality, we will verify together that all necessary data for fleet management are implemented in the protocol, including DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) from the vehicle's electronic control units and, in the case of electric vehicles, all indicators related to charging and energy consumption.

If you are about to purchase new vehicles, first ask for TiGR connectivity, but make sure to also request the detailed list of data, also specifying the optional ones (indicated as 'recommended' in the specifications) that you want to have.

If your fleet consists mostly of older generation vehicles, don't worry! We have a solution for this too, with our onboard device 4Fleets_OBU we can connect to the vehicle's standard FMS port of the vehicle and you will be able to visualize it.

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